Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Ontario Provincial Election

So its almost time. Its almost time until the writ drops and the province gears up for an election.

Now, is the time. We have come to a point in our provincial political history where we can get it right this time. This time, The Ontarians, who work harder than ever but receive the least in return can vote to get a fairer deal for themselves. This election Ontario's voters can choose to take back Queen's Park for themselves. They can vote in a fashion that chooses to elect MPP's who are from working class families and who represent the changing face of our province.

The McGuinty Liberals got it ALL wrong. After 4 years of broken promises we see that history truly does repeat itself. The closer we get to the election, promises keep getting made, just like last time. These empty promises are thrown into the media. I say we have had enough. We have had enough of sub standard healthcare, enough of smog alerts, and enough of hardworking minimum wage earning families. Mcguinty chose give himself a 40,000 dollar pay raise when he failed to deliver on the higher minimum wage. The pay raise for MPP's was like salt on an open wound.

The Tory Conservatives? Well, they have it all wrong. We dont need private hospitals, when our publicly funded healthcare system is in shambles. We dont want religious school funded by the government when our publiclly funded classrooms are offering sub standard education to today's kids. We dont need deregulated tuition fees when our University students are graduating with a 25,000 dollar debt.

The NDP truly understands that its time to invest in our communities. Its time to invest in the environment. It is time to rebuild the valuable healthcare system that the rest of the world used to envy. It is time to invest in the future, the education of today's children and the youth. It is time to raise the minimum wage to 10 dollars and support Ontario's hard working families who are not getting the deal that they signed up for.