Saturday, December 15, 2007

Aqsa Aqsa Aqsa

As the internet gets flooded with images of Aqsa, Its as if I am being haunted by her inside. I never knew the girl, I never even knew anyone who looked like her or had the same name. Yet, Aqsa haunts me in my sleep, and her story is gnawing at me inside.

I wanted to go to the vigil being held today at Applewood, but cant bring myself to. Im scared of what I will do.

How many more Aqsa's live in our society. How many women tortured by men in their households? Hhow many children get thrown over the edge by restrictions imposed upon them by their parents?

No matter how bad it got Aqsa was able to stand up to her parents and some or all of her siblings. Yet, no matter how torn she was inside, her friends claim they never knew it was this bad. They never thought the story would end with death.

I can understand how hard it is to run a rebellion on your own, against "tradition". Aqsa must have felt so alone. I wonder what she thought about when she was lying in bed at night.

The truth is Ill never know, noone will ever know.

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